Week Three ~ Learning ~ Figuring out Lighting

So lighting is always a tough one… too much, too little, to use a flash or not! I love it when I have the perfect lighting but I don’t always know what to do to recreate it or figure out what happened! Maybe this little cheat sheet will help me out. You can check it out here!

I do have an external flash that I should pull out more when I’m shooting inside in low lights but it is not always in the right place to grab! One thing I’ve learned so far is that people who get those great pictures of their kids just being there are either A: cheating and recreating those special moments or B: always have the perfect equipment within arms reach. I am guessing it is the second one so I am going to work on having my camera more in arms reach like it did when she was an infant!

This is also on my wish list but they have stopped making it, maybe I can get one before they sell out! NIkon-SB400


Week 2 ~ Practicing ~ Focal Points

Well I attempted to practice some this week but as I was afraid would happen, I just didn’t pick up my camera that much.

Let’s see what happens to be on the memory card tonight.

Trying to get the eyes

Trying to focus on those eyes… missed

Got the face in focus this time... still not a great shot

Got the face in focus this time… still not a great shot

Sweetness, with a focus on the eyes!

Sweetness, with a focus on the eyes!

I still have plenty of room for improvement but with a wiggly two year old (almost three) I will take this smile any day!

Maybe next week I will pick up the camera more and play. I know I will be taking more pictures because we have a big birthday party in our house Saturday! Someone is turning 3!



Week 2 ~ Learning ~ Focal Points

So this week I will be working on finding the best focal point to make a photograph make a bigger statement.

Auto mode is often what is used for most people but moving out of auto and you can get some really beautiful photographs.

A couple of articles I’ve been reading through this morning…

Achieving a Sharp Focus

Sharp Images with Extremely Shallow Depth of Field

And of course, watching tutorials for your own camera is helpful! I personally am shooting with a Nikon D5100 these days and really love it!


Tune in next week to see some new images of what I’ve accomplished this week!

Week 1 ~ Round up from the past

So I guess technically today would be the start of week 2 so we will do a round up from the past for week one!

Every now and then I will say, I get some amazing photographs; however, I don’t always know what I am doing to get them or can’t always recreate them!

Here are some of my favorites…

52 Week Challenge… can I do it?

I am moving to my new site from this one here. As you can see from that site, I have not blogged in quite some time! We got some exciting news (see the last post over there) and imagine that… my life because instantly busier!

I attempted a 365 day challenge once before and it become overwhelming! I felt I needed to take and post outstanding pictures each day and quite frankly… my life is not always that blog worthy or even photo worthy but it is my life and I love it!

So this new challenge seemed more reasonable! A weekly post, I can probably handle that! My friend Melissa over at Project 52¬†started this challenge so I thought I would jump on board. I need to pick up my camera more frequently and improve my skills so here’s to the new year, new camera (sort of) and new skills!

Happy New Year!